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Dealer Prospects was designed for the busy salesperson who is constantly roaming the sales floor; interacting with prospects, making phone calls, and checking on vehicle information. This handy and simple tool enables you to manage all those administrative tasks on the go. Gone are the days where the salesperson chooses between ‘desk work’ and ‘sales’ – Dealer Prospects does it all.

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The full customer journey

WHO is the person (or prospect) making the enquiry; or more specifically, what is their name, gender, address, contact information, and opt-out preferences. Additional personal details can also be recorded (eg. number of children) to assist with future conversations and enquiries, both for the person managing the lead, and other staff who may deal with the prospect in the future.
WHERE the lead was first captured (lead source) and HOW the lead will be managed (dealer location / salesperson / lead status) creates the active lead. A prospect can accrue many leads, but can only have one active lead (per location) at a time. Leads can be created by sales staff when dealing directly with the prospect; or administrative staff can create (and allocate) incoming leads (phone/web enquiries) to staff for actioning – all from within the app or web portal.
WHAT vehicles are in stock, along with all associated information – colour, configuration, year – can all be viewed from within the app. If a prospect is interested in a specific vehicle, that vehicle can be attached to the lead, which links the records in the database for easy referencing. If a stocked vehicle is not chosen, a desired vehicle can be recorded, listing details such as budget, vehicle make/model, and any other notes of significance.
WHY hasn’t the prospect been contacted yet? Why has the lead been lost just three days after presenting to the dealership? By recoding every interaction with a prospect, total visibility of the sales cycle is always at hand. Every time an action is taken, whether that be a conversation with the prospect, organising a vehicle for a test drive, or reallocating the lead to another staff member; interactions are detailed, time-stamped logs of actions or events that relate to an individual lead.
WHEN the lead has been finalised, update your daily tasks and KPI reporting by marking it as won or lost. Lost leads also have an additional field for a lost reason, providing key information for future marketing and communication strategies. All closed leads remain against the prospect record, enabling full visibility of the prospect’s entire journey with your dealership or dealer group.

Delivering Instant Benefits
  • ONE DEVICE: Whether it’s finding the odometer reading on a vehicle, or calling your next appointment on their mobile phone, it can all be done from the one location.

  • FULL VISIBILITY: With every action and conversation captured, you and your team will always know where you’re at with your lead negotiations.

  • 24-7 ACCESS: Your prospects aren’t always available during standard work hours. Access all your prospect information and app functionality at any time.
  • REAL-TIME DATA: Connecting Dealer Prospects to your Titan dealer management system enables you to have full access to all your dealership’s information – in real-time!

  • VOICE-TO-TEXT: Use existing voice-to-text functionality your mobile phone offers, to dictate all your interactions and information directly into the app; saving on time, and minimising errors.

  • CLICK-TO-ACTION: Make a call, send a text or an email – all with just one click. The app connects your prospect contact information to your phone functions, then populates a log for your interaction.
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