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Regardless of the size of dealership, parts point of sale and inventory management is a high volume, fast moving area that requires streamlined processes and instant visibility.

Harnessing the power of technological advancements, Titan has spent a great deal of time developing and perfecting a stable base for high volumes of parts movement to meet current and future business needs. Titan Parts makes any parts process faster, simpler and more accurate than ever before.

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  • Production of picking slips and invoices without using a mouse
  • Full pick, pack, receipting and put-away functions
  • Real-time parts visibility
  • Direct-to-picker instructions
  • Mobile label printing
I've always wanted a DMS that was designed with a single view of an entity, with Vehicle, Service, or Parts transactions being the result of that entity dealing with us.
Dean Owen . - Dealer Principal, Owen Toyota, NSW, Australia
The proof is in the picking

Developing a system that can handle high volume parts processing was just one step in the development of Titan Parts. Ensuring that staff could use the system quickly and accurately was just as important, with the Titan design team spending a lot of time developing a user experience that would minimise staff input whilst maximising warehouse visibility.

30+ department specific reports included with Titan DMS

The system provides access to all the information required on pricing, sales and movement whilst keeping the number of screens required to run the department to a minimum. Extensive shortcuts allow for the production of picking slips and invoices without using a mouse, making Titan Parts a benchmark system for high volume parts environments.

Full pick, pack, receipting and put-away functions can be carried out within parts warehouse environments using the latest in Windows-based hand-held barcode scanning devices. Track efficiencies of warehouse pickers and ancillary staff, and have a real-time view of what is happening within the warehouse environment.

Instantly know the position of every part in the warehouse. Is a part in a truck, a stillage, a staging area within the warehouse, or is it on the shelf? All of this can now be monitored and fed back to those who need it, when they need it.

Titan warehousing functions reduce returns through miss-pick, and improve efficiencies through ‘direct to picker’ instructions and mobile label printing.

Efficient and accurate, Titan Parts brings innovation to the warehouse.


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