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Are you looking to supercharge your dealership’s performance and drive success like never before? Titan’s very own business intelligence dashboard, continues Introducing Dealer Analytics, the ultimate solution designed to empower dealership owners and managers with real-time insights for efficient business management.


Why Dealer Analytics?

In today’s dynamic automotive industry, dealerships generate massive amounts of data daily. However, analysing this data effectively can be overwhelming, leading to missed opportunities for process improvement and cost savings. With Dealer Analytics, we bridge the gap, providing you with comprehensive snapshots of key performance areas across multiple departments and dealerships.

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You can identify issues whilst you aren’t at work, which is especially good for DPs and owners. You can have a quick look at how your business is running, whether you are in a meeting or on your lunch break. Knowing what’s happening with a click of the button without being at any of the sites is so important for every dealer today.
Sam Elabbasi ...... - Dealer Principal, Windsor Auto Group, NSW, Australia
[Hyundai • Nissan]

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Stay in control with a comprehensive view of aged creditors and debtors by month. Monitor departmental performance effortlessly and achieve seamless bank reconciliation.


Maximise sales potential with detailed tracking of individual dealership performances. Access year-to-date new and used vehicle sales data and monitor performance averages of departments weekly and monthly.

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Supercharge your marketing efforts by monitoring pre-sales performance in real-time. Count sales leads accurately and adjust your strategies for optimal results.


Optimise inventory management with real-time insights into parts status. Review stock turn rates for the year and track parts sales as they are processed.

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Enhance workshop productivity and efficiency by gaining insights into the status of vehicle services. Measure technician performance and ensure quality service.


Identify hidden opportunities for improvement. Highlighting anomalies in otherwise solid performing areas, including parts sales below cost, service jobs with no labour cost, and overdue vehicle deals to enhance your bottom line.

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Empower high-level staff with a comprehensive financial view. Cross-reference budgets and labor costs for informed decision-making.

Drill-Down Capability

Experience unparalleled real-time visibility with simple visualisations. Drill down to itemised levels and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Note: Dealer Analytics is an additional product from Titan, with additional licencing rates

Dealer Analytics

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