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Otter Vale Motors, UK

James Spiller, Partner

Titan DMS Customer Case Study - James Spiller, Partner, Otter Vale Motor Services

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Refreshing, powerful, longevity.

I believe that TITAN really are different to other UK providers – we are treated as well as we like to treat our customers.  That says it all.


of Titan DMS


We noticed improvements immediately across the board.  My staff felt confident in the system and with the help of TITAN fitting in with our processes and the things we wanted to change across our dealerships, we started to see benefits.


We now have full visibility of parts prices, inventory, returns and most importantly, exact profit on every transaction.


Putting TITAN into Otter Vale highlighted weaknesses within our service area that have now been eradicated.


Vehicle Sales are now very easy to complete but the remarketing of customers with a proper integrated CRM has been a particular highlight.

Titan DMS Customer Case Study - James Spiller, Partner, Otter Vale Motor Services
Titan DMS Customer Case Study - James Spiller, Partner, Otter Vale Motor Services


It is the ability we now have to communicate with all of our prospects and customers about anything we want to.  It helps with relationship building and therefore retention.


A huge plus of TITAN is that they have helped us basically set up of a brand new internal department built around the DMS that has streamlined operations and tidied everything up.

Refreshing, powerful, longevity.... TITAN do deliver on all they promise. It’s been a positive experience.
James Spiller - Partner, Otter Vale Motors
What made you decide to change from your existing DMS provider?

We were very unhappy with the support we received – both during live week and after that initial period.

We felt like there was no real help, the training was not great and that we weren’t important to them.

We asked for further help a number of times without reply then were told that if we required someone on site to assist us, it was £800 a day.

This was the last straw considering we didn’t feel that we had been taught how to use the system properly in the first place.

Why was Titan DMS right for you?

It was the relationship I immediately built with John (Titan Business Development Manager – UK).  He spoke about becoming part of a family and being looked after and that TITAN were different to other DMS providers.

These were exactly the things I was looking for – and the passion shown by John for TITAN in the initial conversations made me believe that TITAN could be the system for us.

Subsequent demos with John and Gareth (Operations Manager – UK) again showed that they really do care and it went on from there.


Some of the TITAN team came on-site and did a thorough scoping visit.  We had several demos of the system, (and again this was never too much trouble even when a further demo was requested at short notice) enabling us to discuss what we spoke about in the demos in relation to the physical dealership.

We went through every department and role to make sure everything was covered and the system built to the correct configuration that we needed.

The training was very good and consisted of detailed one-on-one courses in a dedicated classroom at the dealership.

I was very happy with the go-live. After the on-site training week prior to the live date, TITAN stayed on-site for as long as we needed,  as was promised in my initial conversation with John.  The guys were always available to help and all of my staff felt very comfortable in the knowledge that they could go and speak to them at any time with any problem and it would be dealt with.


How would you describe the support provided by Titan after 'go live'?

Impeccable.  Everything we have asked for has been provided without hesitation including lots of help on-site – and the on-site help has been free of charge.  We were promised in the first few minutes of our communication that we would be looked after, and this has been proven so far.


Once the DMS has properly settled in, we will look to utilise more of the TITAN Mobile applications. We want to grow our business over the next few years and with TITAN also growing, we are happy to be part of that journey.

Titan DMS Customer Case Study - James Spiller, Partner, Otter Vale Motor Services
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